2019 Houston Kickstart: Holla at your girl like Aloha!!

This weeks kickstart was something new, at least for me since I actually raced last weeks track. Though I did not get into the main it was nice to finally get back out and race again. This weeks track offered something new again with that first rhythm being so damn fast. This weeks LITKIT voting I decided to start early so as to give everyone ample time to make their pick. As always feedback is appreciated. Be sure to give everyone who contributed to this weeks kickstart a follow on IG or something, they deserve the recognition for all their hardwork they put in week to week and I couldn’t be more grateful to have such a talented group helping me out.
Discord Link for LITKIT voting: https://discord.gg/dyYKyd

Zoa’s IG: @zoa.cross
Zoa’s YT: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-6v5W … 7lmVFkzl7w
Skraks IG: @nickskakunvisuals
Garrets IG: @garretthollenbeck
Braden’s IG: @ogbpc
Chandlers IG: @chandler_rogers
Me: @modelboy211

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